6 Rules That Will Help Us Lose More Than 50lbs In 6 Months

Me Before I Start Trying To Lose Weight In 6 Months

The rules that I’m about to follow are designed to help shed the pounds. These rules have been chosen carefully. And after reading blogs and doing some research online, I’ve found 6 things that can definitely help me lose the weight.

But let me introduce myself as this is my very first post here on 184 Days Of Heaven.

Hi, I’m Gemma. And ever since ever, I’ve been overweight. Maybe even since the age of 5.

And in almost 20 years, nothing has changed.

So I’ve set a goal to lose weight. And more specifically, lose 50lbs of weight within 6 months. A tall order seeing as I’ve never done well with the weight loss thing.

And if you’re like me and you want to lose weight, you can definitely come back here and see whether my diet changes and exercise regime works. Just click here to get the emails.

But today is a new day.

Losing 50lbs With A Happy Face For 184 Days Of HeavenDay One 99kg (281lbs)

Today is March 2nd, 2012 and I’m 99kg with a BMI of  32.2. That’s not even just overweight, that’s just obese. That’s just not on, and things need to change. I might seem like a jovial kind of person, but this is something that I can’t wait to change because it does bother me.

So by September 1st 2012, I want to be 76kg, 23 kg lighter, and for my Imperial friends, that equals 50lbs lighter. haha!

If I reach 76kg, I would have a BMI of 24.8, a normal weight according to the BMI categories. That wouldn’t just be amazing, it would be life changing.

So Those Rules…..

I’ve got 6 rules that I believe will help me to lose weight. They’re actionable, and so far, after just one day of it, I feel great!

Rule 1: Walk 550 kilometers within 6 months (on average 3km a day)

Rule 2: 50 Hours of HIIT Training (about 30 minutes every two days)

Rule 3: I musn’t eat more than 1500 calories within any given day

Rule 4: I musn’t consume more than 100 grams of carboydrates within any given day

Rule 5: I must follow the food rules as set out by The Primal Blueprint (mostly)

Rule 6: I must drink 3 glasses of water a day

The Math

Me Before I Hopefully Lose 50lbsIn the simplest terms, walking is the most basic form of exercise anyone can do it, and I worked out that 550 kilometers over 6 months equates to about 4kg of weight loss, or 9lbs. Great!!

50 hours of HIIT, which is high interval training works out to be the same 4kg, but with a extra bonus; the afterburn effect . The evidence seems pretty convincing to me, that even when you’re not exercising, you could still be burning calories in your sleep because of this same said effect. So I had to add this to my regime.

So with the two forms of training, that leaves me with a short fall of about 15kg.

So I decided to consume no more than 1500 calories per day because that will save me 92,000 calories. The biggest weight loss is expected from my nutrition and what I eat rather than exercise with a 12kg loss, or 26lbs drop.

That then leaves me with a short fall of 3 kg after that, which I hope the afterburn effect will take care of.

And Why Water?

Because biologically speaking, water is used in the breakdown of fat, and well, I don’t drink enough.

And What Is The Primal Blueprint?

First off, I don’t believe in evolution or any of that stuff, but I appreciate the long efforts Mark Sisson, the creator of the Primal Blueprint has gone to, to create a scientifically based study of eating for our genetic make-ups; foods low in carbs, and higher in fat, and why it helps folk not just to lose weight, but to get rid of their ailments and some of even their medical problems.

Why Blog About This Instead Of Keeping It To Myself

Just by having this blog alone will help because it’ll make me reach out to those who’ve been there and who’ve done it.

Plus, making a public commitment may be the difference between me failing or succeeding to lose weight.

And it actually coincides  on some level with what I studied for three years, and I’m geared up to talk about this stuff over the next coming 184 days and maybe plus.

Now what about you. Have you lost weight following any of the rules above, or do you know anyone who has?

Do You Think These 6 Rules Will Work?

Leave an awesome comment below

2 Awesome Responses, but Add More Here Published March 2, 2012

  1. 184Admin

    Hi Angelo

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah. I’ve got free weights in my home, but I never use them. I’m more inclined to use bodyweight exercises instead, but it’s a good suggestion.

    I like the canned veggies. At the moment, I eat the frozen ones when I can’t get them fresh. The frozen kind is cheaper this side of the pond. UK

  2. Angelo

    I had the same problem at your age. I know that it sucks!You need to try free ehwgits. They are great. You will define your muscle, gain more muscle. Muscle burns more calories. The weight just falls off and you will have a great body. You can go to almost any site iVilliage is a very good one. You can also buy free weight with very little money.(a little less than a $1 a lb) You will need small ehwgits two of each. A good start is 2lbs 3lbs and 5lbs. If you just can’t get your hands on any money to go and get these you can always use canned veggies out of the cabinet to get you started. You know the ones that are 12-16 oz and the bigger ones that have like peaches. hope that it helps

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