Can Someone Lose 50lbs In 184 Days Following Advice From The Internet?

There’s so much advice out there, and it’s so hard to know who to follow.

Even if you’re a fitness fanatic, do you know how many diets there are out there. I’m no fitness expert, and so I defiitely don’t know but I’ve come across some funny ones.

And choosing diet planone seems like a weight-loss lottery. Weeks and even months of following some regime may get results, but who knows.

But who would want to guess whether they will lose weight or not following some plan, or even by paying to follow some plan. You’d want to be certain of achieving results, and there’s one thing I can be certain of.

To lose weight:

Energy consumed must be less than energy expended.

It’s that simple, but to make sure that the equation is balanced in my favour, I decided to create some rules.

One thing I had to make sure was to follow an eating plan that had gotten results. I’m pretty sure that the primal blueprint is the real deal and it will work for me. That’s why it’s one of my 6 rules.

In fact, here are all 6.

The Rules

Rule 1: Walk 550 kilometers within 6 months (on average 3km a day)

Rule 2: 50 Hours of HIIT Training (about 30 minutes every two days)

Rule 3: I musn’t eat more than 1500 calories within any given day

Rule 4: I musn’t consume more than 100 grams of carboydrates within any given day

Rule 5: I must follow the food rules as set out by The Primal Blueprint (the paleo lifestyle)

Rule 6: I must drink 3 glasses of water a day

Without eating primally, eating less than 1500 calories and 100 grams of carbs a day would be near enough impossible, painful even. I’ve tried eating primally before but lacked the will power to give up all my favourite foods. But one of the greatest feelings is satiety, not feeling hungry, and not feel bloated either. Who wants to limit their daily calorie in take and feel starving everyday. Not me.

As for walking every day, it’s just nice light exercise that will balance out the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that will help me burn off extra energy.

I will be talking about all these thing soon enough, about the primal blueprint and Mark Sisson, about HIIT Training, about why I drinking 3 glasses of water a day is so important to me that it is one of my 6 rules?

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Updated March 5, 2012

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