Final Results

Finally, I actually have a chance to sit and write this.

This was not the success that I wanted, because I didn’t reach my goal of 76kg after 6 months. I did however get to 87 kg. Which is awesome!!! My lowest was 85kg, but after 4 months a work celebration, my diet went downhill, and it never recovered.

But I’m still well happy. This time last year, I was burgeoning on triple figure kilos, and after getting a check up with the doctor, she was well pleased with the weight loss I made.

I think it the whole process was relatively painless. There was no “YOU GOTTA HIT THE BURN” or “SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT”.

It was like 184 days of heaven. The hard part was no chocolate. The second hardest part was no bread. At least at first.

So now, I’m ready for my second leg. My second 6 months. But this time the goal posts will change.

In fact, I want to be more accountable. So I’m looking to join a forum, and regularly post there because accountability is the best driver of success. When you don’t want to disappoint folks around you, when you’ve put the word out that you will do something, it makes those days when you think of just breaking a rule, a whole lot more easier to bare.

So my new 6 months starts today.


I will update you on the rules.

Until next time :)

Add A Comment Here Published September 20, 2012

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