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So I lost my way a little bit over the last 2 months, but overall, a 13kg drop in weight is insane!!! I’m psyched. But there’s still 10 more kilos to go, and enough time.

I haven’t even been counting calories or measuring walking distances. I haven’t done any HIIT training. But changing my food habits is what has made the difference for me.

Also, accountability to the internet was why I was so successful at first, and now I need to ramp it up. Starting from tomorrow, because I screwed by my diet today big time with an unneccesary portion of raisins, I’m going to set rules that will keep me going for 1 month.

5 Hours of HIIT

Paleo strict, but with dairy – no raisins, no nuts, no processed meet

No more than 1500 calories a day

No more than 90g of carbs a day

100 km of walking

3 glasses of water a day minimum (this really works)

Day One (July 30th, 2012)

Coming soon….

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