Losing 8lbs in 8 days!

Losing 8lbs in 8 days

The hard work is paying off!!!

I’ve lost 8lbs, or 4kg in the space of a week.

You can’t understand how happy I am. 8lbs in 8 days is amazing, and I didn’t even follow these rules perfectly.

Day One: 99kg

Day Eight:95kg (and in clothes!)

Or maybe it’s 95.5kg but hey, I’m happy.

Out of the 6 rules, the hardest ones to follow strangely enough was drinking 3 glasses of water every day and doing my HIIT training. I started good with the walking but slacked off big time.

Why was drinking water so hard?

This is a pot guess to be honest, but I think it’s because I started eating lots of vegetables, carrots, loads of cabbage and plenty of brussel sprouts, and those vegetables have lots of water in them. So I didn’t really want to drink water. I consumed green tea or fizzy water instead, but by the end of the week, I got a lot better at that.

HIIT sucked

HIIT was so hard. I took one of the crazy fitness workout ideas by the guys at sixpackshortcuts.com called the M-100, a Dan and Mike special, as well as starting off with the tabata-protocol. 10 minutes in, after even a 2 minute warm-up followed by a 1 and a half minutes of stretching, I was gasping, but even I knew 7 and a half minutes of actually full on HIIT was lousy, so I kept going until I did 15 minutes total. That was it. I was down for the count. Days later, my muscles felt sore. That’s how unfit I am. 15 minutes of that crazy exercise and I was done, and I didn’t even finish the M-100. In fact, it was like an M-40.

This week however, I’m gunning for it.

What Rules Did I Keep & Why They Worked?

The other 3 rules I kept up properly.

  • Eating primally
  • Eating less than 1500 calories per day
  • Eating less than 100 grams of carbs per day

If I didn’t eat primally, cutting those calories would have been so hard. Like I said before, I haven’t gone fully primal because one reason; soya. In fact, I’m still doing some internet based research as to whether I sould ditch it or not. It’ll come within the week.

Eating less than 100 grams of carbs forced me to eat vegetables and lots of them. I think that filled me up a lot, and it also meant I was consuming very little calories, and so adding things like cheese didn’t make my meals that calorific at all, keeping me under the 1500 calories per day mark easily.

 Have you tried the M-100 or the Tabata Protocol?

Let me know and add an awesome comment.

2 Awesome Responses, but Add More Here Published March 9, 2012

  1. 184Admin

    Hey Ahmad,

    That is going real hard, but if you feel okay for it, why not.

    I have yet to start my HIIT training. I’ve had some false starts, but it hasn’t stuck. All my weight loss so far has been because of food and because of walking and sticking to less than 100g a day of carbs and less than 1500 calories.

    I’ve got more to learn from you about Hybrid training than I can teach. 12 minutes HIIT sounds good. Do you mix it up with weight training too.

  2. Ahmad

    How long are your wokrouts? I wokrout 2 days on 1 day off. It’s all Hybrid style (30-45 min.) with some HIIT (for 12 min.)at the end. If I feel I need more rest I will take an extra day off. I always go hard except when deloading. What I want to know: Is 1 hour too long if your going H.A.M.?I have noticed great results with Hybrid training. It is the best.

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